Let me be the voice of Ward 13 on City Council


On Honor & Integrity


Recently, Cyd's been challenged by her opponents and the media, who have questioned her integrity based on previous employers, not on her platform,  her years in public service, or her status as a city native.  This video is her response to their questions and criticisms, and her request that you vote for her based on her honor, integrity, and commitment to Ward 13 and the city of Providence.




No contribution is too small! Every donation made will help Cyd in her mission to be the next Councilperson for Ward 13 constituents on the Providence City Council.


Mission & Vision


In Her Own Words

My mission as your future city councilwoman is to represent my neighbors and friends in Ward 13.  The following ideals drive my vision:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Advocacy

Let me explain how I'd like to be your voice on the council.


As a candidate, I want to build bridges between neighborhood stakeholders, federal and statewide elected officials, and the Mayor’s office to coordinate the allocation of vital resources and attention from the City for our Ward. As your representative, I will share our concerns and ideas as the constituents of Ward 13 directly with the Mayor and my City Council colleagues. We may have limited resources, but through building partnerships in the community, at City Hall and the State House, we can maximize our potential to address and advance our goals for the Ward.


I believe that constituents, community partners, and stakeholders should always be well-informed and kept up-to-date on what’s going on in City Hall and how it relates to the ward. That’s why I’ll work to communicate which neighborhood improvements are in process. I also want to create an effective chain of communication that allows for feedback from you so I know what the community wants and needs. Communicating the concerns of the ward will be a vital part of my role as your councilwoman.


I pledge to be an accessible, inclusive, and active councilwoman who will advocate for ward concerns at all levels of government. I won’t stop until our voices have been heard and our collective concerns as a community are acknowledged and addressed. I will use the council seat as a bully pulpit to amplify ideas, concerns, and goals for the ward across the city and around the state. It is my express goal as your councilwoman to ensure that everyone I represent has a seat at the table.



Who Is Cyd McKenna?



Urbanist, mother, and dynamic community advocate with 20 years of experience in urban policy and planning that she wants to put to work for her neighbors and friends in Ward 13.



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