"Let Me Be the Voice of Ward 13"

Announcement: Cyd McKenna Seeks
Providence City Council Seat (Ward 13)

 Me and my dog, Chipper

Me and my dog, Chipper

I'm Cyd McKenna: urbanist, mother, dynamic policy advocate. I have 20 years of experience in urban policy and planning, and I want to put it to work for you, my neighbors in Ward 13. I have high standards, and take a no-nonsense approach to getting things done. In the last few months I’ve been knocking on doors and talking to neighbors who tell me they don’t feel heard in city government. I am a tireless advocate who is known for hearing “we can’t do this” and then figuring out how we can get this done. I have the leadership and management experience to effectively represent your concerns on the Council from day one, and I can’t wait to collaborate with the diverse stakeholders in our ward to make it better for everyone. We are all invested here and every voice matters! From redistricting to major issues in neighborhood school funding, serious infrastructure improvements and the relocation of area highways that impact our Ward, this is upcoming term is important. Let’s do this together by having a strong a seat at the table to make sure our neighborhoods thrive!

Learn more about my background, my ideas for our community, and why I think I’d be a great representative for Ward 13 on the Providence City Council on my website www.cydmckenna.com. Keep an eye out for me in the neighborhood where I’m always walking around with my 2 dogs, Chipper and Chewbacca. One is very large and slow and one is very small and fast, you can’t miss us, so be sure to say hello!

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